Cutting Back on the Vampire Energy Suckers


Cutting Back on the Vampire Energy SuckersMost people these days are concerned about saving money and reducing their family's carbon footprint. We do this by turning off the lights, installing energy-saving devices, and making sure our homes are efficient in whatever ways we can. But did you know that there are many appliances in your home that may be using up energy and costing you money, even when they are completely turned off? Read on to learn more about these "energy vampires" and how you can prevent them from silently wasting your home's energy resources.

What is an energy vampire?

According to Duke Energy, "an energy vampire is a device that continues to use energy and drain power, even when it is turned off. These phantom energy suckers can account for as much as 20% of your monthly electricity bill." This is also sometimes referred to as phantom or standby power, or leaking energy. Common energy vampires include televisions, microwaves, computers, video game consoles, charging cords of all types, kitchen appliances, and even your hairdryer.

Energy vampires in your home:

Clocks or standby features: If you have an appliance that can be set to turn on or off for later, or that includes a clock, it's probably an energy vampire.

Wall warts and power packs: When the AC adapter for your device also includes the plug that goes into the wall, this is known as a "wall wart" because it often makes it impossible to use the other plug in a standard outlet. Whether your gadget uses a wall wart or just has an AC adapter (those bulky boxes that are common to laptop and phone chargers, video game consoles, and many other modern devices), these are some of the worst culprits when it comes to vampire energy use.

Fans, lights, and other long-running appliances: Though they don't fit the technical definition of "energy vampire," it's still a good idea to pay attention to any electricity-using appliance that you might have a tendency to leave running for hours on end.

How to combat vampire energy use:

Make unplugging a habit: Instead of just turning your appliances off, get in the habit of completely unplugging them. This is a surefire way to prevent vampire energy use.

Use power strips: Power strips allow you to easily control multiple devices and turn them off at the same time.

Get help from more gadgets: If you're forgetful or just don't want the hassle of having to unplug the energy vampires in your home, you can buy smart AC adapters or power strips that can do it for you.

Invest in smart technology: Smart technology can help you track your home's energy use and monitor it from afar, among other things. If you're someone who regularly forgets to turn things off, having the ability to control your appliances and chargers remotely could save you a lot on energy costs in the long run.

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