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Much of our lives are spent online these days, so it only makes sense that insurance companies are starting to offer products to help protect consumers from the significant losses that can occur related to their online activity. And it's not just identity theft that's covered by these new cyber insurance and related "cyber loss" policies. Here are a few of the most popular new coverages to protect yourself online and ultimately, off.

Privacy/Data Breach:

If your business maintains any kind of electronic records of clients or employees, a data breach is a serious risk. And if it happens, it can cause real harm. Privacy liability coverage kicks in if any of this sensitive information is lost or compromised. Just like other third-party liability insurance, a good policy can help with legal fees, notification, losses due to business interruption, and public relations costs.


If a virus or malware shuts down your company's system, a cyber-security liability policy will help you to recover losses related to business interruption or other damages to your business or clients that occur as a result.

Media Liability:

Most businesses maintain a website, blog or other web-based platforms. If you're a small or even medium-sized business owner, your online presence may be not be overseen by someone who is an expert in copyright law, privacy infringement, libel and slander. Protect yourself from any liability related to your website content or online presence by purchasing media liability as part of your cyber insurance policy.


Teenagers and adults alike can be the victims of harassment, abuse, and all kinds of malicious online activity. In the worst cases, the resulting damage can be extensive. If you are a victim of this type of harassment, a cyberbullying policy may help to cover costs related to psychological treatment, legal issues, temporary relocation, lost wages and forensic cyber investigation, among other things.


If your personal data is stolen or compromised, cleaning up the mess may take years and many different, complex processes. Personal or "first party" cyber coverage will offset any damages incurred as the result of data loss or theft. This type of policy can also cover costs associated with your response to the theft for example, hiring an investigator or enrolling in credit monitoring and help to minimize any long-term impacts.

About Cyber Insurance:

Even if you're convinced that cyber insurance is right for you, you may not know where to begin. Start by contacting an agent who specializes in cyber insurance. They will help you to create a cyber-risk profile for your home or business and decide which policy options make the most sense for your circumstance and budget.

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