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Executive Insurance & Financial Services - 2012-02-17
Would You Be Covered If Your Data Base was Compromised?

Business Liability Policies DO NOT provide coverage in the event of such a loss.


Cyber Security/Privacy Liability Covers You For:
  • Breach of Privacy Coverage – includes damages resulting from alleged violations of HIPAA, state and federal privacy protection laws and regulations.
  • For expenses resulting from a breach of consumer protection laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Customer Notification Expenses including legal expenses, 12 months of credit monitoring expenses, postage and advertising costs. 
  • Covers you for acts of a rogue employee causing intentional damage to the Insured’s computer network.
These are just some of the coverages that are provided to you when you have Cyber Security Liability Insurance. 
Let EIFS give you a quick quote, so you will be properly protected.


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