Happy Halloween: Stay Safe and Decorate


Happy Halloween: Stay Safe and DecorateThe season of ghosts, goblins, costumes and eating too much candy is here. Whether you're a Halloween enthusiast or just someone who loves fall, here are our top 5 home decorating tips, plus a few safety tips for the creepiest night of the year.

  • Seasonal lights: Glowing orange or skeleton head lights in a tree or around the doorway will bring a spooky glow, and will also help your trick or treaters find their way.
  • Witches' cauldron: An old pot or inexpensive plastic cauldron filled with dry ice is a classic way to make your entryway spookily inviting.
  • Cobwebs: Spread cobwebs for a simple and safe Halloween accent.
  • Pumpkins: Carved or not, pumpkins are a festive, fun, simple, and classic way to celebrate the fall season.
  • Festive garlands: Orange and black garland or streamers can be used both indoors and outdoors in a variety of ways.

Halloween Safety Tips:

For those who love it, Halloween is one of the most thrilling fun days of the year. But when mobs of little children are roaming the streets with costumes on and stuffing themselves with candy, while adolescents and college students are doing the same but looking for excitement and mayhem, a lot can go wrong. Here are some ways you can help your neighborhood and community stay safe.

  • Keep the lights on: Everyone knows that on Halloween, a porch light means a house is open for trick or treating. But lights can also help your visitors navigate your home and porch safely.
  • Clear the walkways: Make sure that your sidewalks and walking areas are clear of anything that might obstruct trick-or-treaters' view or cause them to trip and fall.
  • Don't get too freaky: Over the top scariness can be traumatic for younger children. So if you want to go all out with fun and frightening Halloween decor, save it for a situation with adults and older kids who know what they're getting into.
  • Supervise: If your neighborhood tends to be busy on Halloween, one of the best things you can do is keep an eye on things and be a friendly and safe person for a kid who gets lost, scared, or injured. Young people behave better when they have a visible adult presence and know that they can approach someone for help.

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