Up in the Air: Holiday Airplane Travel Tips


Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular times to travel, to make that journey to be with family. They can also be the worst times to travel, especially if you during peak times or with kids in tow.

Ten ways to minimize the stress and frustration that often go along with holiday travel, the airport kind:

  1. Bring snacks: You'll be less likely to get grumpy if you stay hydrated and keep your tummy happy while traveling. Pack some protein-filled snacks like string cheese or nuts so you don't have to rely on overpriced airport food. If you have a really long day ahead, consider packing a sandwich. And don't forget your water bottle.
  2. Expect to wait: Even if your trip goes off without a hitch, you're going to have to wait: in line for security, for boarding to start, for the plane to take off so be prepared. Bring along a crossword puzzle book or your favorite magazine. Download some interesting podcasts (try "This American Life" or "Serial") and make the time fly by.
  3. Purchase travel insurance: There are all kinds of things that can go wrong before or during your trip: medical issues, lost baggage, flight delays, or cancellations. Consider purchasing travel insurance so that you're covered if you have to cancel your trip or cut it short.
  4. Pack smart: Pack strategically so that you only need to check one bag, if that.
  5. Mail your gifts home: Don't try to fit a bunch of holiday goodies into your suitcase instead, mail your gifts home so that you can travel just as light on the way back.
  6. Avoid crazy connections: During the winter months especially, expect and plan for flight delays, and avoid booking an itinerary with super-tight connections.
  7. Be nice: Remember, it's not the ticket counter lady's fault that your flight got cancelled. Keep a sense of humor and be kind and courteous if you have to handle a problem while traveling.
  8. Stay comfy: If you have a long way to travel, bring a blanket and a small pillow in your carry-on. Wear comfortable shoes, and dress in layers to accommodate changing temperatures.
  9. Make friends: Traveling is stressful and tiring for most of us. Make the experience more bearable by being friendly to fellow travelers just be sure to take the hint if they don't seem to be interested in chatting.
  10. Splurge at the newsstand: One of the most fun things about airports is getting to browse the books and magazines during a layover. If you have hours to kill, treat yourself to a few of your favorite magazines, sudoku book or mystery novel.

Sit back, relax and follow these tips for a tolerable and maybe downright enjoyable holiday traveling experience.

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