Holiday Toy Safety


Holiday Toy SafetyThere's nothing more magical than seeing a child's eyes light up upon opening a special gift during the holidays. But not all toys are created equal: some can contribute to accidents, injuries, and even cause death in some cases. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 240,000 toy related injuries were treated in emergency rooms around the country. Here is what you need to know to choose safe and healthy toys for your kids.

Read labels:

Many toy injuries happen when children are using toys that are developmentally inappropriate. Always check manufacturer guidelines and make sure your child's toys are recommended for his/her age group. Pay attention to warnings and follow the directions for proper use. If you want to take an extra step, visit to check for recalled toys and other products.

Watch for choking hazards:

Any toy that is small enough or has removable parts can become a choking hazard, especially for babies or toddlers. Toys that are not well made can break, creating smaller parts that can become a choking hazard as well. Marbles and small balls can be especially dangerous because they have the potential to completely block a child's airway. Similarly, a small child can easily become entangled by toys with strings, ropes, or electrical cords. Use your common sense when deciding whether a toy might be dangerous for your child.

Check for toxins:

Babies and young children especially are bound to put toys in their mouths. Unfortunately, many toys are made with elements like lead, PVC, BPA formaldehyde, and chlorine, which have either been shown to be harmful to children, or have not been proven safe. Be sure to buy toys made from non-toxic materials like wood or organic cotton. Second hand toys, older toys, and toys purchased from overseas can be sketchy, because you can't confirm that they meet current U.S. safety standards. There are many guides available online to find specific brands that make non-toxic toys.

Always supervise:

There is no substitute for quality adult supervision, and any toy can become dangerous under the right circumstances. Keep an eye out as much as possible, especially if your kids are using riding toys or toys with small parts. If you have children of different ages, make sure the younger children are not allowed to play with the older child's toys.

Teach children to tidy up:

Messy playrooms or toys in the middle of the floor can cause young children and adults too! to trip and fall. Have a clean up routine and teach your kids how to put their toys away.

Remember safety gear:

If your child is getting a bike, scooter, or other riding toy, don't forget to purchase appropriate safety gear to go along with that gift. Make sure the gear is well-made, age appropriate, and fits correctly. And then, make sure your child uses it.

Follow these tips to make sure your gift giving season is happy, healthy, and safe!

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