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Paint your house to help sell it.Selling your home this summer? If so, there are some quick cosmetic fixes that can make a big difference, and starting now can help. Should you make major repairs or improvements to your home before trying to sell? Maybe. But regardless of what you choose, there are several things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers that won't require a ton of time and money just a little of each.

8 things you can do to make your home more attractive to buyers:

  1. Paint: A coat of paint may not be necessary in every room. But if your walls or ceilings are stained, cracked, dull, or dirty, painting is an easy and inexpensive way to make them look fresh and inviting. Stick to neutral colors, and don't feel like you have to paint every surface. If you have some leftover paint, spackle and spot touch ups can be effective, too.
  2. Make minor repairs: Give your home a walk-through, looking for minor issues that might make the place seem run down or in poor shape. Taking care of broken doors, cracked walls, damaged windows and other small repairs will make a huge impact on how your home appears to prospective buyers.
  3. Clean up: Take a long weekend to clean your home deeply and deal with dirt and clutter. Pay special attention to bathrooms and kitchens, and any areas that may make your home seem yucky or uninviting. Clear countertops, floors, and other visible areas to make rooms feel more spacious, clean, and full of potential.
  4. Rearrange: You shouldn't need to buy new furniture to get your house to sell; but it can be helpful to do some rearranging to make the space look great. Consult your realtor or an interior-design minded friend or family member to make each room look the best it can be.
  5. Pare down: If you're planning to get rid of broken or outdated furniture, stained carpet, or any other unsightly items before you move, why not do it now? This can open up the space and prevent buyers from getting distracted by damaged items that have nothing to do with the house itself.
  6. Replace a few things: Replacing gross shower curtains, old light fixtures, and run down appliances may cost a little money but will save you a much greater cost in the long run.
  7. Add flowers: A few potted plants by the front door or some fresh flowers inside will make your home feel bright and welcoming.
  8. Pay attention to first impressions: Experts say that painting your front door and doing some maintenance on your home's entrance is a great investment if you're planning to sell. Fix the driveway, tend to the landscaping, paint the fence, and make sure your home looks attractive from the outside, too.

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