End of the Year Insurance Checklist


End of the Year Insurance ChecklistAs the end of the year approaches, it's a good time to take inventory, reflect on the past, and make plans for future goals. You might consider your relationships, professional life, health, financial situation, or all of the above. Don't forget to also take stock of your insurance coverage and make necessary adjustments based on things that have changed over the past year. Here are some of the most important areas to consider:

Property: Maybe you were lucky enough to get an out-of-this world holiday gift. Or maybe this year saw the purchase of a new bike, a pair of skis, piece of art, or something else you've always wanted. If you've added anything valuable to your personal property, make sure it's properly accounted for and covered by your insurance, no matter where you use it.

Home: Did you upgrade your home, landscaping, or outdoor living spaces over the summer? Is there any area of your home that needs repair or maintenance? Review your homeowner's policy to make sure you're fulfilling any obligations that might exclude you from coverage for certain risks, and to ensure that your home and its contents are covered.

Health: Make sure you're getting maximum value from your policy by taking advantage of preventative services, prescription drug benefits and Health Savings Accounts. Update your insurer on anything that's changed over the past year, whether that be your address or family status. Also check the status of your deductible, and make plans to use your policy accordingly for the remainder of the year. Finally, look ahead and start considering policies for next year.

Auto: Review your policy to make sure you have the coverages you want, and that all family members and vehicles are covered properly. It's also a great time to look for discounts, take advantage of rewards plans, and ask about ways to save on your car insurance.

Business: As tax season nears, it's a good time to review your business owner's policy so you know that you're meeting all insurance requirements for doing business in your state. Ask your insurance agent about additional coverages you may need. And make sure you're up to date on employee insurance, such as Worker's Comp.

The Future: Finally, be sure to talk to Executive Insurance & Financial Services about ways to save, either by bundling policies together or taking action to reduce your risk. Ask about special coverages that might apply to your property or situation.

For any insurance questions, call or contact Executive Insurance & Financial Services today.

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