Jobs of the Future: How the Job Market is Evolving


Have you ever thought about how many industries are dying, or at least cutting jobs, due to automation? According to the World Economic Forum, we're in the midst of a "Fourth Industrial Revolution," in which technological developments in a wide variety of fields are quickly transforming the labor market and the way we do business.

But while many traditional jobs will most certainly be displaced by technology, other, new fields - some of which we haven't even imagined yet - present the opportunity for explosive job growth.

So what kind of workers will be in high demand in the future? Here is what we know so far:

Jobs that are Here to Say (with a few modifications):

Expect to see stability and even growth in the fields of computer programming, mathematics, architecture, and engineering. Healthcare is another field that will continue to be vital: Not only will nurses and home health aides be in high demand; but the need for new specialists within the field like medical coaches, DNA specialists, and remote practitioners will grow exponentially. Here are a few other professions that will still be relevant in 2035:

Data analysts: As our ability to collect data on a huge scale grows, so does our need to make sense of it. Those who can wrangle large data sets and make their results understandable and useful to others will most certainly enjoy job security in the future.

Sales: The world will always need sales people. In the future, they'll just be selling something different, like meat grown in a lab or specialized human services. The salespeople of the future will have to be master rhetoricians, understanding both their product and their audience at a deep level in order to help consumers find the products that will best meet their needs.

Machine operators/technicians: If we have more machines doing the work previously done by humans, there are bound to be some breakdowns. These new-world technicians will monitor and repair self-driving vehicles, respond to emergencies of all types, and operate new and improved versions of machines we already have like airplanes, automobiles, trains and drones remotely.

New Jobs for the Future:

When it comes to the job market of the future, there's a lot we don't know. But here are a few brand new professions that are likely:

DNA analyst/technician: Human gene-editing technologies are already here; and although the ethical issues surrounding their use have yet to be resolved, there is little doubt they will be available to regular people in the future. A genetics company or specialist might interpret your DNA, help you choose the sex or eye color of your baby, or splice your DNA with someone else's in order to cure your offspring of genetic disease.

Smart system maintenance technicians: Move over, cable guy: the new handyman will be someone who shows up to find out why your house didn't feed the cat and cook dinner before you got home from work; or why Alexa is giving you the cold shoulder. (It's probably not personal.)

3D printing services: Pretty much any list predicting jobs of the future includes this one; but since 3D printing has opened up a whole new world of options, it's hard to say what it will look like. A 3D printing specialist could be "printing" artificial limbs, clothing, or objects who knows. In any case, print shops of the future will most definitely be a booming business.

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