Keeping your Cool in the Summer


Keeping your Cool in the SummerIn some areas of the country, having an air conditioner is an absolute necessity. But in other areas, such as in the Rocky Mountain Regions, staying cool indoors takes some diligence and effort. Whether your home is equipped with AC or not, here are some things you can do to keep your spaces cooler this summer.

Get an energy audit: The poor insulation, spaces, cracks and outdated windows that let all that cold air into your home in the winter also let in too much heat in the summer. Improving your home's insulation or purchasing energy efficient elements can go a long way towards keeping your spaces cool. Some utility companies offer free energy audits; you can also hire a professional or do it yourself. Go to for resources and to learn more.

Minimize light: During the day, close the blinds and the windows to prevent hot air from getting inside. If you want to maximize the effect, purchase blackout curtains or thicker window coverings.

Skip the baking projects: Cranking up the stove or oven on a hot summer day can make your home uncomfortable for hours afterward. If you must bake or cook an elaborate meal, try to do it at night or early in the morning.

Plant proactively: Just as you might take refuge under an outdoor tree in sweltering heat, you can use plants to shade your house. Plant trees or shrubs in areas where the sun beats down the hardest to provide extra shade and a barrier for the heat.

Cool down at night: When the sun fades and the temperature drops, take advantage by opening windows to let the cool air circulate.

Air Conditioning & Maintenance:

If you rely on air conditioning to keep your home cool, there are things you can do to make sure you're using that resource efficiently:

  • Replace filters regularly: Dirty filters can affect the way your unit runs, and also cause health problems for people in the home.
  • Don't go too low: It's tempting to want to keep your home super-cool, especially if it's sweltering hot outside, but experts say that you can save big money on your energy bill by just setting your A/C a few degrees higher.
  • Boost your AC effects: Keep that nice, cool air circulating by adding a ceiling or box fan to the equation, and closing doors to any rooms that are not being used.
  • Leave it running: It's not energy efficient to be turning your unit on and off or changing the temperature all the time. Find a setting you can live with and keep it running.
  • Maintain your unit: Make sure to have your air conditioning units serviced regularly by a professional at least once a year.

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