National Fire Prevention Week 2015

Kathleen Hansen - 2015-10-06

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National Fire Prevention Week is October 4th through the 10th this year. Prevent household fires and protect your family by using some of these helpful tips!

-Once a year check all electrical wires, and outlets. Frayed cords or if the plastic around the cord is falling off, just replace them.

-Have surge protectors installed, they can prevent power strike unlike power strips.

-Never have food cooking while you are not watching it.

-Always have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and one in a bedroom. If a fire happens while you are sleeping, you can a fire extinguisher right with you.

-Keep stove grease free and free of food crumbs.

-Clean your dryer vents regularly. Also keep lint filter clean by emptying after every wash.

-Never leave space heaters alone.

-Pellet stoves are good alternatives for heating systems.

-Have your chimneys cleaned regularly.

-Do not burn green or damp wood, use seasoned wood only.

Be safe this fall and winter season with these tips from your friends at EIFS. 

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