New Technology and Auto Repair


New Technology and Auto RepairWhen it comes to automobile efficiency and safety, new technology has a lot of benefits. These advanced safety systems can help you avoid serious crashes, prevent you from hitting an animal or child, help you to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and keep you apprised of traffic issues or obstacles while you're on the road, day or night. Most people would agree that this is a good thing for auto consumers.

But there are some downsides, too. This sophisticated technology is driving up the cost of car purchases, previously simple and inexpensive car repairs. So what do you need to know about cars with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and how can you prepare for the additional costs?

A lot of new vehicle technology relies on sensors, which are, well, sensitive! A sensor takes what's going on in the environment and converts it into measurable data that you can use. When systems that rely on sensors like adaptive cruise control get out of whack, they can be pricey to fix. Unfortunately, they can also be somewhat easier to break. The same goes for other components of assistive technology, like cameras and radar. This means that if you purchase a vehicle with advanced technology, you should be prepared to pay more up front, and also in repair costs.

Some repairs may cost more for a vehicle with advanced technology, including:

Windshield: Gone are the days when replacing a windshield was just about putting in a new piece of glass. Today's car windshields must be perfectly integrated with cameras and sensors in order for the related assistive technology to work. This means that a windshield replacement on a new vehicle could cost hundreds of dollars more than what you're used to.

Bumper: If you purchase an automobile with assistive technology, your bumper will be doing much more than just bracing your car for a collision. Modern bumpers also utilize sensor technology to do things like help your car stay in its lane and keep you from hitting something in your blind spots. Replacing one of these bumpers will involve making sure this sophisticated system is calibrated, installed, and programmed correctly.

Brakes: Automatic Braking Systems are a major safety improvement for modern vehicles and will actually stop the car for you if you don't react soon enough or don't see the collision coming in the first place. But these complex systems can be expensive to repair and replace.

If you purchase a car with advanced technology, you're going to be paying more up front and probably more in repair costs too. But it's important to note that if your car's technology is preventing you from getting in a dangerous or even deadly accident that might mean having to pay for serious repairs or replacing your car altogether, it may be worth it in the bigger picture. And when it comes to insurance policies and advanced vehicle technology, coverage varies, so it's worth asking your insurance company about it before buying that new vehicle.

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