New Years Resolutions That Can Save You Money

Executive Insurance & Financial Services - 2012-01-06
Weight Loss: Probably one of the most common New Years Resolutions is to lose weight through diet and increased exercise.  Did you know that losing weight could also lower your life insurance rates?  Whether applying for a new policy or if you have an existing policy, being in a healthy weight range can improve your premiums.
Make Your Home Safer:
It is never a bad idea to make your home safer for you and your family.   Installing a security system is the best way to improve the safety of your home, but even installing better doors, windows or locks could help lower your Home Insurance premiums.  
Improve Your Credit:
Insurance companies often use credit information when setting your premiums, so by improving your credit you can improve your insurance rates at the same time.
Take Defensive Driving:
A Defensive Driving course could lower your insurance rate by as much as 10%.  Defensive Driving courses can be taken online, at schools or even in our office.  Call us for more information.
Quit Smoking:
Smoking increases your life insurance, disability and longterm care premiums.   Most insurance companies require you to be tobacco free for 12 months before you can qualify as a non-smoker, but some companies offer incentives for quitting. 
Stop Driving Distracted:
In NY State it is illegal to both hold your cell phone to your ear while talking and driving, or to text while driving, but recent studies have shown that even hands free talking will distract you while you drive.  While you may not see an immediate return for safer driving, it will help prevent accidents and avoid traffic violations that will ultimately result in lower insurance rates. 
Look Into Multi-Policy Discounts:
Saving money on your insurance is a great New Years resolution, and one of the best ways to do this might be a multi-policy discount.   Buying several policies with the same insurance company could provide you with significant savings.   Let us find out for you.  Call us to learn more.  (631)563-8433 
The best way to lower your insurance rates is to let us find you the best prices.  Whether your already a client or thinking of becoming one, EIFS will do everything we can to find you the best price. 
Important Note: None of these resolutions are guaranteed to lower your insurance rates.  Different companies have different policies and you may already have the best rate possible.  EIFS can help you find out if these resolutions can work for you.   Call us to learn more.  (631)563-8433


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