Top Ten Tips for Storing and Insuring your Stuff


Top Ten Tips for Storing your StuffAmericans love their stuff. And most of us have things in storage somewhere: the garage, attic, basement, or a storage unit off site. But what's the point of having all these things if they never get used, looked at, or if you can't even remember you have something you need when you actually need it? Here are some tips for downsizing, organizing and storing your stuff in a way that makes sense:

  1. Downsize first: Whether you use the fast (but joyful) Marie Kondo method or take a slower approach, take the time to find out whether you really need to store all that stuff in the first place. Room by room, closet by closet, methodically go through your belongings, ruthlessly getting rid of what you no longer need.
  2. Document your stuff: Take photos, videos and itemized lists of your stuff. In the event of a claim, having good documentation will help you with your claim. We recommend emailing or storing your photos on a cloud service so these important items are also protected.
  3. Insure valuables and other important items: Whether your storage space is at your home or off site, make sure you have coverage for anything that is really valuable or important.
  4. Use labels: Whether you use a sharpie on a brown box or buy pretty labels, make sure your containers are clearly labeled, with enough detail that you really know what's inside.
  5. Organize storage spaces by frequency of use: If you have a storage space that requires you to pull some things out to get to the stuff in the back, organize it so the things you need most often are closest to the front.
  6. Plan for rotation: Having a regular rotation schedule with clothes, recreational equipment, decorations or anything else is a great way to minimize immediate clutter and make sure you're not accumulating a whole bunch of things you don't need. Each time you make a switch, be sure to go through your inventory and discard anything that is no longer useful.
  7. Research storage hacks: If you're working with a small kitchen, bedroom, or even just a small home, there are dozens of hacks that will help you to maximize the space.
  8. Store like with like: Try to keep like items together or at least have a designated place for your belongings. Developing the habit of putting things away in the same spot will save you time, and give you peace of mind.
  9. Pay attention to special items: Art, clothing, photographs and Christmas ornaments should all be stored differently. Take the time to ensure that you're storing and protecting your items properly.
  10. Use containers: Boxes, bins and baskets can make any mountain of stuff seem super-organized. Whether you repurpose containers or purchase them, they can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else.

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