Snow Storms: Another Reason to Consider Life Insurance

EIFS - 2011-02-11



That’s how many injuries and medical services were related to snow shoveling each year between 1990-2006*


Did you know that deaths resulting from Heart Attacks & Cardiac Arrest rise 22% or more in the weeks during and after a heavy snowfall?  

The number of deaths resulting from heart attacks triples among men 35-49 years old.


Life Insurance is extremely important and is a great way to protect your family in case of a heart attack or other snow related death.  But it’s important that you take the care to protect yourself before one occurs:



You are Most At Risk For A Heart Attack If: 

-       You’ve Already Had a Heart Attack

-       You have a history of Heart Disease

-       You have a history of chest pain or angina

-       You have or have had High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol or Diabetes

-       You Smoke

-       You live a sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise regularly.



Warning Signs of a Heart Attack, Stop Shoveling Immediately If:

-       You experience chest pain.

-       You experience pain in your shoulder, neck, or arm.

-       You experience shortness of breath.

-       You experience dizziness, fainting, unusual sweating or nausea.

-       Your vision is blurred or you have a severe headache.

Remember: Snow shoveling is an intense rapid exercise.  Unlike regular exercise were your blood pressure rises steadily; shoveling may result in a rapid blood pressure spike.    Shoveling often raises your heart rate above the recommended upper limit for aerobic exercise.




Make sure your life insurance policy is up to date and if you do not have one you should seriously consider looking into it.  Life Insurance is an important policy that will give you a peace of mind and protect your family.   Contact EIFS today and talk to one of our agents about Life Insurance. 



*According to American Journal of Emergency Medicine

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