How To Have A Social Distance Summer (And Still Have Fun)


How To Have A Social Distance Summer (And Still Have Fun)Summer in New York is almost here and, unfortunately, the global pandemic we've been faced with is still here too. While most of the country, and the world for that matter, are reopening, fears of a resurgence still linger, and we are faced with the unknown. Around the nation, everything from festivals to summer camps have been cancelled, vacation plans have changed, and we're all wondering if summer will even feel like summer at all.

Fortunately, summer fun hasn't been cancelled. Here are some ways to keep your family and loved ones safe, and still have fun during this unusual social distancing summer.

Embrace the Outdoors: Spending time at a park, campground, on a trail, or another open space is a great way to socialize while maintaining social distance. Take a family picnic, go for a long hike with friends, bring a book, or just meet a friend for a 6-feet-apart, pandemic-approved hangout.

Take a staycation: The fewer people you come into contact with, the lower your risk of getting COVID-19. Try camping in the backyard, building a bedroom fort with your kids, or taking a virtual tour of a historic site to keep things interesting while staying home.

Attend events safely: Some people are extremely concerned about contracting the virus, or they're simply high risk; others are not. If you aren't comfortable going to an in-person event, don't go. On the other hand, if you mask up and follow safety and social distancing guidelines when you're in public spaces, you can still enjoy live events, like birthday parties and live music.

Host a small gathering: It's not against the rules to spend time with friends and family, but it's still a good idea to socialize in smaller groups. Host an outdoor cocktail hour with single-serving foods, and a "bring your own beverage" set-up.

Catch up on yard work and home projects: In most cases, people have already been working on these. But what better time to get 'er done than during a social distance summer.

Some Reminders:

Carry a mask: Having to wear a mask is not ideal, but it's a small price to pay for getting to visit with others and do your own errands. Many places are now requiring face coverings anyway, so make sure you always have one available. Wherever you are, be respectful and follow posted guidelines or social norms for mask wearing.

Wash your hands: Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after you have been out and about, especially if you have visited a business or public area. Remember the tips: Use hot water and a generous amount of soap, scrub for as long as it takes you to sing "Happy Birthday" twice, and turn off the faucet with a clean towel, not your hands.

Pretend it's you: Many people who have contracted COVID-19 walked around with it for at least a few days spreading the virus around before knowing they were sick. If you're struggling to embrace current safety requirements, imagine you're the sick one, and do your part to protect others.

Maintain social distance: As you go about your life and errands, do your best to keep a distance of 6 feet.

Protect others: If you feel ill, stay home, period.

Stay up to date: Every state is in a different phase of reopening or shutdown, and that may fluctuate over the summer. Be sure to stay in the know about your state and county guidelines, and follow current restrictions.

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