Spring Safety


April showers eventually bring May flowers, but in the meantime, wetter and warmer temperatures can cause a variety of hazards along the way. Here are some common spring safety issues, and ways you can prevent their potentially harmful consequences:

Navigate the roads with care: As winter conditions give way to the spring thaw, temperatures and weather conditions can change rapidly, causing dangerous road conditions. If you regularly drive long distances, don't assume that warmer temperatures mean clear roads. Check routes ahead of time and stay alert to developing storms and weather. Most of all, expect the unexpected; spring driving can bring ice, snow, storms, wind, or flooding. Be prepared for anything.

Play safe: Warmer temperatures will inspire kids and adults alike to spend more time outdoors. But before you do, take preventative measures to ensure that you and your family will be safe out there. Inspect recreational equipment, such as bikes, helmets, outdoor toys or roller skates, to see that it's in good working condition. Clear debris from sidewalks, paths, and playground equipment around your home or neighborhood. Finally, people of all ages should review safety and emergency procedures before embarking on the great outdoors.

Schedule a checkup: Shifting weather, barometric pressure, and humidity, not to mention Daylight Savings Time, can exacerbate all seasonal allergies, skin conditions, and general health issues. Kids especially should visit the doctor, and, if necessary, the dentist or optometrist to make sure they're in tiptop shape for spring sports and activities. Remember to stay hydrated and don't forget the sunscreen, even if it's still chilly outside.

Clean your house and yard: Spring-cleaning can make your home feel fresh and brighten your mood. It can also prevent health and safety issues for you and your family during the spring and summer months. Indoors, replace air filters, clear fireplaces, and make sure your cooling system is in working order. Take time to scrub the oven and clean out the fridge. Outdoors, check the barbecue and propane tanks, clean up workspaces, and secure any hazardous substances or chemicals.

Get warmed up: Whether you'll be cleaning and moving furniture, climbing ladders outdoors, or going for a spring run, many injuries and accidents can be prevented by taking a gradual approach to increased activity in the spring. Consider taking a class or getting into shape with a friend to build up strength and flexibility. Be sure to stretch and loosen up before attempting physical activities. Finally, know your limits. Rest, ask for help, and take it slow with any new movement or exercise, especially if you haven't been doing it all winter.

Follow these safety tips and be on the lookout for hazards related to changing conditions, and you will be on your way to a safe spring and summer season!

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