Smartphone Apps Designed to Make the Most of your Summer


There's an app for everything these days, but not all of them are worth downloading. Here are a few user favorites worthy of space on your device, that will help you to make the most of your summer plans.

Keepsake: Stop scrolling through endless vacation photos, or sharing them by handing over your phone. Instead, do your photos the old-fashioned way, by ordering prints. Keepsake will help you pick out the perfect frame for that amazing beach pic, print your photos for you, and send the whole thing right to your doorstep (with free shipping).

Goodreads: Summertime means it's time to read a book. If you're not sure which one to choose, the Goodreads app has got you covered. Just share some of your personal favorites to get recommendations on others you might like; read reviews (or write your own); share with friends; and easily add books to your "want to read" list.

Guides by Lonely Planet: Traveling this summer? Now you can access the classic Lonely Planet guides right from your phone. And this useful app does much more than tell you where to have dinner. It also includes phrasebooks in a variety of languages, a currency converter, and maps you can save to use offline.

AllTrails: If your summer plans include hiking, biking or trail-running, this is one of the best apps you can download. Find great trails while on vacation or close to home (maybe even some you don't know about). The app will give you detailed info on what to expect, traffic patterns, how long the journey usually takes, plus advice and photos from people who have actually been there. The handy GPS tracker makes it so you can relax during your time in the great outdoors because you know you won't get lost in the woods.

Headspace: Yes, meditation and mindfulness are trendy right now, but that's because they work. And even though new meditation apps seem to be coming out all the time, Headspace is still one of the best out there. Choose from a plethora of options to suit your practice level and lifestyle, including exercises that just take one minute literally.

Dark Sky Weather: There's a thundercloud overhead but do you have enough time to walk the dog before it starts to pour? Will the wind be the kind that makes your day at the beach miserable or perfect? Find out by using this super-handy weather app that will tell you stuff you actually want to know, like when, exactly, it's going to start raining and how many minutes until it stops.

Transit: One of the most stressful things about visiting a new city can be figuring out its public transportation system. Luckily, Transit has it all figured out for you. The app will give you fare information, arrival and departure times for trains, subways and buses, and allow you to compare different options for getting where you want to go. Easy.

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