Home Innovations: Technology for Smarter Living


Home Innovations: Technology for Smarter LivingTechnology-enhanced homes in New York are the wave of the future, but many people might not understand how smart home technology works, believe they can afford it, or know whether or not it's worth the investment. While there certainly are complete smart home systems available, you don't necessarily have to go all in or spend a ton of money in order to take advantage of some of the most practical innovations smart home technology has to offer.

Smart home enthusiasts often have complete, connected systems that operate from a single "hub," like Alexa or Google Assistant. But some of these features can also be purchased and used separately, and still give you a quality upgrade. If you're thinking of upgrading your home with smart features, here are some of the top innovations to consider.

Lighting: Smart lighting systems can improve the efficiency of your home (saving you money in the long run), bolster your security system, and provide beauty, comfort, and fun perks like being able to turn off the lights you left on downstairs while you're sitting in bed.

Energy Systems: In addition to lighting, smart thermostats, window coverings and other technology based energy-saving tools can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your home. Like most smart technology, these systems can be programmed and controlled remotely, but they can also use sensors to automatically keep your house at the right temperature and make adjustments for maximum efficiency.

Security: If you're looking to upgrade your home security, there are now many excellent, affordable smart home security systems out there. From video doorbells and camera systems to smart locks and alarms, these sophisticated tools can alert you from afar and allow you to monitor and protect your home remotely. Some manufacturers even offer live monitoring service and can alert the police in real time if they notice anything concerning.

Water Usage: Whether you're trying to reduce water consumption in your shower, kitchen, or garden, smart technology can help. Investing in smart water technology tools can help you both monitor and curb your family's water use.

Kitchen & Appliances: Want your coffee ready in the morning and your fridge to tell you that you need milk and that your kids left the TV on in the living room? Smart kitchen appliances can help you do all kinds of cool things, can be controlled remotely or by voice activation, and can turn off by themselves to save you energy.

Safety: Tired of having to climb on a chair to turn off the blaring smoke alarm just because you accidentally left dinner on the stove? Smart home smoke detectors can sense both smoke and carbon monoxide, give you a more accurate reading of the problem and its location, and be silenced from your phone instead of the top of a ladder.

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