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Smart home technology is quickly becoming commonplace in New York, and also affordable to the average consumer. The increased quality and availability of high-tech security devices means that anyone can safeguard their property and belongings. If you're looking to protect your home, family and property, here's an overview of some smart home security tools that might work for you:

Smart Home Security Systems:

A smart home security system uses technology to provide protection for your home or business in multiple ways. It can be simple or comprehensive, and will sometimes include other non-security features that can enhance the efficiency and functionality of your home. A basic system will use cameras, motion sensors and other detection tools to let you know when somebody is near your home. The system may send you an alert, notify emergency services, sound a siren or alarm and record video of the would-be intruder. Some smart home systems will also allow you to program doors to open or lock at specific times; automate your lights, thermostat or appliances, or control them remotely; and detect smoke, carbon monoxide or other hazards.

Video Systems:

Whether you want to protect your property or just see what your cat is up to while you're at work, there's a security camera to fit your needs and budget. Video technology is much better these days, and not just in terms of picture quality. Homeowners can install high resolution cameras equipped with facial recognition and streaming capabilities, which means you can see what's happening from your smartphone at all hours of the day. Another nifty feature of some newer security cameras is two-way audio, which lets you yell at intruders from afar. Finally, if you're looking to monitor your home from the inside, you can find cameras designed to give you a 360-degree view, with zoom capabilities to access every nook and cranny within range.

Smart Locks:

Secure your home's entrance with a lock that gives you more control over who has access. Options include touch-locks that can recognize your fingerprint, keypads, or locks that can be opened with a smartphone or wireless device. Some smart locks will replace your current lock entirely; others can be installed directly over an existing deadbolt. The right smart lock will not only make your home more secure, but can also make coming and going more convenient for you, your family and guests.

Automated Lighting Systems:

Reliable, quality lighting is an important part of maintaining a secure and efficient home. With the addition of smart technology, you can get the most out of home lighting by programming lights go on and off at specific times, controlling them remotely, and even setting them to turn on randomly while you are out of town.

DIY or Professional Monitoring?

Depending on the system you buy, professional monitoring may be a required part of the package, an optional add-on or not an option at all. Some companies offer month-to-month subscriptions, others will ask you to sign a year-long contract. Do-it-yourself home security systems leave the installation and monitoring completely up to you.

So which is best? It just depends on your budget, situation and needs. While DIY systems are becoming more popular, 24-7 professional monitoring may be the best solution for protecting an expensive home or property.

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