Tips for Transitioning after a Promotion


Last month, we wrote about tips for scoring a job promotion. So you finally got that well-deserved promotion, now what? Even if it's everything you dreamed it would be, there will be some adjustments to make. Here are some tips for making the transition gracefully:

  • Be nice: If there are any hurt feelings as the result of your promotion, stay professional and treat the offended party with kindness and sensitivity, especially if they'll be working closely with or even under you. But don't apologize for your success; give your co-workers some time to work through their disappointment, and the air should eventually clear. If the contentiousness is so bad that it needs to be addressed, sit down and speak frankly with your colleague, with a manager present if necessary.
  • Visit with HR: Make sure to complete any necessary paperwork to make your new role and salary official. While you're at it, see that your emergency contacts and other information in your personnel file is correct and current.
  • Update your resume: Even though you're not going anywhere, it's easier to add your previous job title and the time you were in that position while it's still fresh in your mind. SImilarly, request undated letters of recommendation from any manager or mentor who knows your work well, especially if you will not be working closely with that person anymore. You'll be glad you kept your records in order when seeking that next opportunity.
  • Say thank you: A sincere note or visit to your boss's office is a great way to get off on the right foot. Express your gratitude for the opportunity to take on a new position, and your desire to do well.
  • Review your insurance policies: Generally, a change in status means you can make adjustments to your health or other insurance plans that you normally only get to revisit once a year. Think carefully about how things might change with your promotion maybe your new salary will allow you to buy a house, or start having children. Do you need to add a spouse to your plan, or take out a bigger life insurance policy?
  • Ask questions: Great questions make you look smart and like you're paying attention, so don't shy away from asking them when you're in training for your new position. Make the little mistakes early and don't be afraid to admit you don't understand something to avoid making more serious mistakes later on.
  • Clean your desk: A little feng shui goes a long way, especially in an office environment. Make sure your new workspace or office, if you've really moved up the ladder is organized and feels good. Go for simple, classy decor, and ask for help from a friend with good taste if you need to.
  • Expect some growing pains: Making mistakes or stepping on someone's toes are all part of the process of moving into a new position. Don't expect yourself to be perfect, and model handling your mistakes with honesty, humility, and humor.
  • Celebrate: You got a promotion! Don't let the pressure of proving yourself in your new position, a bumpy transition, or the hurt feelings of a colleague prevent you from taking the time to enjoy your accomplishment with friends and loved ones. You've earned it, so enjoy it.

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