Top 10 Reasons to Get Workers Compensation Through EIFS

Executive Insurance and Financial Services - 2011-08-19

10) Multi-State operations are covered under one policy.

9) Unlike the Trusts in New York that you might be familiar with there is NO JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY.  This is not a Trust!

8) 100% Pay As You Go Premium Plan.

7) Share in Underwriting Profits.

6) No More Big Annual Deposits.

5) Immediate Cash Flow Benefits.

4) 3 Year Rate Guarantee!!

3) We save clients up to 30% on their premiums.

2) We can get you out of the State Insurance Fund.  You have options!

And the #1 Reason to Get Worker's Compensation through E.I.F.S.:


No more getting hit with unexpected payroll assessments or overpaying and having to wait for the insurance company to send you a check.


This is all underwritten by an A-Rated National Insurance Company.

Call or Contact E.I.F.S. Today to Discuss Your Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy! 

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