Wedding Safety Checklist


Summer is wedding season, and couples throughout New York will be tying the knot. If you're one of the lucky couples, wedding safety might be the last thing on your to-do list, but if something goes wrong on your big day, you'll wish it had been the first.

Here are 4 things to consider in order to to ensure that getting hitched goes off without a hitch:


An impromptu thunderstorm can easily ruin an outdoor wedding. If you're planning to get married outdoors, don't assume the weather will cooperate, and have a backup plan. Investigating tent rentals, having an indoor venue option, or purchasing special event insurance (more on that below) are great ways to prepare for the possibility of inclement weather. At the very least, be sure to bring an umbrella (or several).


If more couples had alcohol-free weddings, a great many dance floor disasters and terrible speeches could have been prevented. It may seem sacrilegious to not have champagne at a wedding reception, but it's worth contemplating what alcohol will really bring to--or might take away from--your event. Choosing to serve alcohol could not only cost you a lot of money; it also multiplies the potential for injury, accidents, and embarrassment. If you do decide to serve alcohol, consider hiring a ride service, limiting the amount guests can drink, or serving beer and wine only.


Don't risk having your festivities derailed because a 5-year-old with a severe peanut allergy has to be stabbed with an epi pen and taken away in an ambulance. Be sure to include a way for guests to communicate important food allergies, especially if you're serving a sit-down meal. Similarly, take precautions to minimize the risk of food poisoning and be sure to vet your caterer's health and safety history; or, if you're catering your own event, insist that helpers be trained in and use proper food handling procedures.

Special Event Insurance:

When you have put your heart, soul, and a whole lot of cash into planning a beautiful celebration, the stakes are high. Purchasing special event insurance is a way to take the pressure off in case something goes wrong. Some venues actually require wedding insurance; others may have liability coverage of their own. There are several different coverages that you may want to consider, including liability (in case someone is injured), cancellation, and property coverage for the wedding dress, rings, etc. Do your homework and talk to an insurance agent to find out what type of coverage makes the most sense--and will put your mind at ease.

Not all wedding disasters can be planned for--or prevented. So even if your celebration goes south, keep a good attitude and remember: if at the end of the day you are married, the event has been a success.

For any insurance questions, call or contact Executive Insurance & Financial Services today.

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