Who should be listed as a driver on your auto policy?

Kathleen Hansen - 2016-02-16

Who should be listed as a driver on your auto policy?

Your auto insurance policy must list all licensed drivers living in your household, whether related to you or not.

You also need to list anyone who does not live in your household, but, who occasionally or customarily drives your car.

Example:  if you allow your neighbor to use your car once a week to go grocery shopping, they need to be listed on your policy.

Typically any driver listed on your policy that has their own policy can be listed as a deferred operator.   They must be listed on the policy, but due to them having their own policy, they are not rated on your policy.

If you must list a driver on your policy, but they do not drive your car, and NEVER will, not even to move it in the driveway, then you can exclude that driver.  In order to do that, you and the listed driver must both sign an exclusion form.

Drivers who only have a Learner's Permit are not required to be listed on your policy until they are fully licensed.  If they are involved in an accident, your policy will still respond, as long as they have their permit on them, and someone who is licensed is sitting in the passenger seat, next the permit driver.

Insurance companies will not pay for a collision or limited collision loss for an accident which occurs while your auto is being operated by a household member who is not listed as an operator on your policy.  Payment is withheld when the household member, if listed, would require the payment of an additional premium on your policy because the household member would be classified as an inexperienced operator.

It's better to be safe and list the drivers on your policy, than not to have a claim covered by your policy.

If you have any questions, if a driver should or shouldn't be listed, please give our office a call at 631-563-8433.

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