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Workers' Compensation covers your employees if they get hurt on the job or have a work related illness.
What is a work related injury or illness?
It is an accident or illness that arises from on the job activities. 
  • It must occur during the performance of an act that an employee might prudently do while in appropriate area during working hours.
  • Or occur during an activity which furthers the business of the employer, where the employer is or could be exercising some control.
If an injury or illness happens at work, while the employee is supposed to be there, doing the job he/she is supposed to be doing… they are covered by Workers Compensation.
What about Traveling Employees?
  • Employees who are required to travel for their job are usually covered under Workman’s Compensation if they are injured on the job, while engaging in an activity that is necessary and furthers the business of the employer, where the employer could be exercising some control over the situation.
  • There are Grey Areas:
o   Employees engaging in a personal task or agenda while traveling.
o   Employees who stay overnight.  
Your business or company should have a clear policy regarding traveling.  
What about Employees Who Work From Home?  
  • This is difficult because your business has no control over the work environment.   It’s another grey area and an injury during work from home may or may not be covered under worker’s compensation.
What if they are injured during an employer sponsored recreational or social event? 
  •  Many factors are considered when determining if an employee is covered under Workers’ Compensation
o   When and where does the activity take place?
o   Is it a requirement to attend the activity?
o   Did the employer gain a direct benefit from the activity?
  • There is a muted line between a work and a non-work activity.

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Ramos Says:
It is important to understand what are the work related injuries before processing a compensation claim. There are lots of things to consider. One must prioritize the safety of all of his employees in order to prevent injuries.

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